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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (December 12, 2001)

     The new Woodworker's Supply web site - www.woodworker.com - not only offers on-line purchasing of the Company's more than 15,000 woodworking tools, machinery, supplies and products by professional woodworkers and amateur enthusiasts, but it also features unique capabilities not available from more conventional e-commerce merchants.
     Upgraded, proprietary web site features include:
  • Browse Print Catalog EngineSM - This user-friendly function (patent applied for) permits on-line reviews of Woodworker's Supply virtual printed catalogs from a pull-down menu and the selection of any page within the catalogs. By clicking on an item, users can view a detailed Presentation about a product, obtain additional information and add the item to their shopping cart. Users can also begin a search at a virtual catalog's Index Page and then jump to the pages that contain the products or items they are interested in;
  • Dynamic Keyword Search EngineSM - The intelligent and powerful Dynamic Keyword Search Engine enables the selection of specific search logic (to narrow or widen a search) and choosing where the search is to take place. The search engine returns a Mini-Presentation with a thumbnail photo that links to a detailed Presentation; and
  • Browse Product Categories Function - Allows on-line customers to view a listing of all Mini-Presentations with links to detailed Presentations, in one or more of Woodworker's Supply's 440-plus product categories.

     The new web site also has powerful, password-protected tools, which allow users to create their own Custom Catalogs and Project ListsSM. Custom Catalogs makes it possible for customers to create, edit and order from a personalized catalog that they develop themselves. Project Lists allows users to create one or more project lists where they can itemize the tools and products they need to complete specific projects and then purchase them as their project progresses. A separate Wish List/Gift Registry allows friends and family members to view and purchase, but not edit, items and products that a woodworker needs to round out his or her workshop.
     The Woodworker's Supply www.woodworker.com web site provides all of the information necessary to set up an on-line account, maintain that account, view order history and refer information to friends or colleagues. Once a customer loads his or her name, address and payment data, a Kwik KlikSM Checkout Module makes checking out a breeze.
     Information about conventional ordering from the Company's toll-free phone line, 1-800-645-9292, mailing an order or faxing an order, toll free, is also available. To ensure prompt service, all orders within the 48 contiguous United States are shipped via Federal Express® Saver Service, unless otherwise specified, at no additional charge. Hazardous items are shipped by United Parcel Service®.
     In business for three decades, Woodworker's Supply provides top quality woodworking tools, machinery, abrasives, adhesives, hardware, accessories and wood specialty products to customers, worldwide, from stores and distribution centers in Casper, Wyoming, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Graham, North Carolina.

FOR ADDITIONAL PRODUCT INFORMATION: Michael Moody, Director of Catalog Marketing - michaelm@woodworker.com or 505-821-0578

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