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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (November 26, 2001)

     The new Woodworker's Supply RTSS-2000TM Stubby Plug Cutter (U.S. Patent 5,810,824, others pending) is the ideal choice for making precise-fitting, face grain wood plugs or for other applications where longer plugs are not required. Designed to cut slightly tapered (1), 3/8-inch thick plugs quickly and easily, the Stubby Plug Cutter features a depth stop to allow drilling into woods of varying thickness without having to change drill press setups.
     A "shorter" version of the standard-length Woodworker's Supply RTS-2000TM Plug Cutter, the Stubby Plug Cutter has all of the same features of its taller cousin. These include:

  • Patented, radial-relieved cutting edges to prevent the tearing, burnishing and burning common to other plug cutters;
  • Radial relief means plugs can be cut with lower torque, virtually eliminating chronic break-off problems; and
  • Heat-treated stainless steel cutting edges that last much longer than regular steel, since micro-erosion and corrosion are greatly reduced, particularly important when cutting acidic woods like oak.

     Easy to use, the Stubby Plug Cutter is simply inserted into a drill press chuck, which is tightened onto the flat surfaces of the cutter's shank to prevent slipping. A work piece (1/2-inch [13 mm] minimum thickness) is then securely clamped onto the drill press table. Plugs are drilled until the depth stop on the cutter is reached, at which point the quill is retracted and the process repeated. Best results are achieved by operating the drill press at approximately 400 rpm. Plugs are removed from the work piece by either resawing in a bandsaw or sanding the back of the work piece until minimal thickness allows easy removal.
     Woodworker's Supply Stubby Plug Cutters, all with -inch shanks, are available in a variety of diameters, suitable for numerous applications:
959-916Set of three (3/4", 1", 1-1/2")$73.99
109-8983/4" RTSS-2000TM Plug Cutter$16.99
109-9017/8" RTSS-2000TM Plug Cutter$19.99
109-9041" RTSS-2000TM Plug Cutter$24.99
109-9071-1/8" RTSS-2000TM Plug Cutter$27.99
109-9101-1/4" RTSS-2000TM Plug Cutter$32.99
109-9131-3/8" RTSS-2000TM Plug Cutter$36.99
109-9161-1/2" RTSS-2000TM Plug Cutter$39.99
109-99135 mm RTSS-2000TM Plug Cutter$36.99

To place an order for this product, call 1-800-645-9292.
     Manufactured at Woodworker's Supply's facility in Wyoming, the Stubby Plug Cutter is the latest in a series of specialty products specifically developed by Woodworker's Supply, "to meet and anticipate the needs of professional woodworkers."
     In business for three decades, Woodworker's Supply provides top quality woodworking tools, machinery, abrasives, adhesives, hardware, accessories and wood specialty products to customers, worldwide, from stores and distribution centers in Casper, Wyoming, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Graham, North Carolina.

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