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Five Years In Development, Woodtek® No. 1 Wood LatheTM Holds U.S. Design Patent


     (Casper, Wyo.) - When Woodworker's Supply, Inc. decided in the mid-1990's to develop an improved wood lathe, they turned to renowned, master wood turner Bud Latven for the design. Latven is well known for his segment-constructed, lathe-turned vessels, which integrate curving ebony, tulipwood, and veneer grain patterns. His design and Woodworker's Supply's engineering efforts resulted in the Woodtek® No. 1 Wood LatheTM, one of the strongest on the market. The lathe was awarded U.S. Design Patent D459,371 in June 2002; additional patents are pending.
     "Historically, wood lathes were primarily designed for spindle turning," Latven said. "What we wanted was a short bed bowl lathe that was exceptionally strong. Made of cast iron, instead of steel, weighing in at 700 pounds and capable of turning stock up to 36" in diameter, this lathe meets that requirement."
     Powered by a two horsepower, direct current (DC) Baldor® motor, the Woodtek® No. 1 Wood LatheTM uses state-of-the-art Pulse Width Modulation to increase shaft horsepower to 3 HP through three speed ranges:
  • 0-600 RPM for large wood turning.
  • 0-1,200 RPM for standard wood turning; and
  • 0-2,000 RPM for high-speed wood turning and finishing
     "The DC motor with the 20 kilohertz controller gives the wood turner dramatically higher low-RPM torque than any other AC or DC power source. This is what the serious bowl turner needs," according to John Wirth, Jr., Ph.D. Eng., Woodworker's Supply President. "Rapid dynamic braking is also a benefit of the DC technology."
     The massive 2-1/2" diameter spindle shaft is 16" long and has a 5/8" through hole. It features right hand 1-1/2" - 8 TPI, #2 Morse tapers and double row bearings on each end. The spindle shaft has a 48-point indexing ring with optional ring configurations available and a four point, two-position shaft locking assembly – most lathes offer only two point locking. The tailstock has a 4-1/2" diameter chrome-plated hand wheel and a self-ejecting 1-1/2" diameter quill with a full 5" of travel. An accessory 8" riser block assembly can be added to the inboard tailstock for use with outboard beds.
     The control panel has a digital readout tachometer, speed control, momentary on/off switches and inboard and outboard light indicators. Both the inboard and outboard shafts rotate in standard counterclockwise direction. The inboard/outboard switch (forward/reverse) is located inside the cabinet and a control panel light indicates which mode is in use. A remote on/off switch magnetically attaches to any part of the lathe.
     The beds are MeehaniteTM, cast iron produced using a patented, controlled undercooling process that features internal lubricating graphite agents for a smoother, friction free surface. Outboard bed assemblies are designed for turning very large pieces of wood such as eight-foot columns and can be compounded for even larger work.
     According to Latven, the 18" outboard tool rest was specially designed. "It has a unique sliding, piston-locking system that eliminates shaft flex, ensuring creep-free positive lockdown under the heavy impacts of large diameter outboard turning," he said.
     One-and-one-quarter inch diameter tool rests are also MeehaniteTM and fit inboard and outboard tool rest bases. Rounded tops are surface hardened to minimize damage from high-speed steel turning tools and the resulting filing needed to repair such damage.
     The No. 1 Wood LatheTM is available in five models ranging from the Basic (96-131), with a 20" swing over a 30" bed and 20" between centers, to the Whole Enchilada (96-3124), which includes 18" and 40" inboard beds and supports, 18" and 36" outboard beds and supports, an outboard tool rest, outboard tailstock, remote control, live center and 3", 6" and 8" faceplates. All products are covered by a one-year parts and workmanship warranty.
     The No. 1 Wood LatheTM is among the latest in a series of specialty products specifically developed and distributed by Woodworker's Supply, "to meet and anticipate the needs of professional woodworkers." In business for three decades, Woodworker's Supply provides top quality woodworking tools, machinery, abrasives, adhesives, hardware, accessories and wood specialty products to customers, worldwide, from stores and distribution centers in Casper, Wyoming, Albuquerque, New Mexico and Graham, North Carolina.

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